Day: May 11, 2022

Rangergrip 78 Review
Camping Gear Knives

Rangergrip 78 Review: Is It Good For Camping?

My Rangergrip 78 Review is a long read. I go into some history of Victorinox Swiss Army Knives as well as provide details about my own Rangergrip 78. I’ve had mine now for four years, and feel good about writing a detailed review. With scores of various knife models available from Victorinox, what is the […]

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Open Road Pioneer Club Ranks

Who Was Deep River Jim?

Twenty-five years ago I was looking through the bookshelf at my family’s off grid cabin and came across “Deep River Jim’s Wilderness Trail Book”.  It was a soft cover book and in poor condition.  I began flipping through the pages and was delighted to read some fun and interesting stories about camping, hunting, woods-lore, and […]

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