A Slow Start To The New Year

Sorry I have not been posting much the past month or more.  The Holiday Season can be a busy time, and it has now finally come to an end for me and my wife.  We had our last party that we had to attend this past Saturday on the 5th.  Now things will start to settle back down.

BWCA In The Spring

The one outing I have solid plans for is my Spring BWCA trip.  My last post was focused on it.  Since then my eagerness for May to get here has only increased tenfold.

The fella I am going with this year (nope, not solo this time) is super excited too.  He’s been updating his gear in preparation.  It’s going to be an epic trip.  Even if it rains it will be a good trip.  Though less rain would be my preference!

Since neither of our wives like the idea of our going alone into the wilderness… this spring trip for the both of use could be a routine thing every year…  Until we are far to old and decrepit to go.

Shhhh….Don’t tell my wife, but I still want to do a Woodland Caribou Provincial Park canoe trip.  Talk of that trip has her freaking out a bit.

Things To Yet Do

Yesterday evening I was putting together a list of the things I needed to do in order to be ready for the Spring trip.  And to be honest I really couldn’t think of anything.  I have all the gear I will need.  There is nothing to shop for and buy.  However, I do need to do two small modifications to my Old Town Guide 119 canoe that I will be using.

  • I want to lower the back of the seat 1 inch.  To do that all I need to do is install a nylon spacer on each side of the seat mount in the back.  A 5 to 10 minute job is all I estimate.
  • I purchased a universal quick release yoke that I need to take some time to size and setup.  Not a big project, likely to take 10 minutes as well.
  • Get our entry permit arranged as soon as they are available.

And that’s it.  Right now since my canoe is stored away in my garage I will be waiting for early spring to do the upgrades I want to do.

Aside from the menu items we want to carry along and the pre-trip shopping for incidentals I am all set!

It Has Been A Warm Winter So Far

It’s January 10th.  Where I live there is usually a couple feet of snow on the ground already.  Right now there is none.  In fact a couple days ago it rained.  It has been a warm winter so far.  The forecast shows high temperatures in the low to mid 30s (Fahrenheit) with no sign of snow for the next several days!

When I look out my windows at home I see grass!

Makes me wonder what the lakes and rivers will be looking like in regards to water levels this coming year.  Though, I have beard further north a few hours there is the usual amount of snow on the ground.  The BWCA area where the spring trip is being planned has been getting good snow fall.



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