A Word About Ads On My Website

A Word About Ads On My Website

Recently I activated Google Adsense Ads for my website.

I used to generate some side income through Affiliate Marketing on this website, but over the past couple months the online businesses I had been affiliating with lowered their sales commission rates.  It is what it is… Not a big deal, but I sure have noticed a lower average income from my website marketing methods.

The money I made from Affiliate Marketing did help cover website costs and fund some of my personal vacations into the outdoors.  It wasn’t a lot of money, but it was helpful!

So I turned on Adsense Ads on this website, and a few others that I also maintain, in an effort to make up some of that lost revenue.

Disclaimer:  Just because an add appears on my website does not mean that I endorse that add or product.  While I do have some control over the ads that appear, I don’t have total control.  For a list of gear and items that I do endorse, check out MY GEAR page.




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