Autumn & Winter Hunting – 2019 Into 2020

This coming weekend I am going to the cabin!  Yep, I have not been spending much time up there, not nearly as much as I would like to.  But this weekend, and again for a long weekend at the end of the month, I will be in NW Wisconsin at the off grid cabin.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year again in Wisconsin.  The Deer Rifle Season is fast approaching!

Wisconsin Hunting 2019

I am not a hard core hunter, but I do enjoy some small game and the delicious pot-pies they can make.  Having healthy and delicious venison in the freezer is also something I enjoy.  So that means hunting.

My nephew small game hunting in our brush blind

I’ve been out a few times crossbow hunting earlier this season but with no luck.  I saw deer but didn’t get a real opportunity to harvest one with my crossbow.  Oddly enough I kept seeing the same three deer every day I sat out, and they always were just outside of my comfortable range.  Oh well…  It was good to just be out in the woods listening and seeing nature all around me.

This coming weekend, on Saturday November 23rd, it’s the Wisconsin Gun Deer Opener.  Of course I will be spending the entire weekend at deer camp with my family.  This year my nephew Ryan is ten, and he will be sitting in the deer blind with me hunting.  He is eager to get a deer.  Hopefully it will work out.  No promises.

What is Deer Camp?  Check out this post I wrote here that tells you all about how fantastic Deer Camp is:  DEER CAMP!

Muzzle-Loader Hunting

After the regular nine day rifle season there is a muzzle-loader only season.  This season is actually my favorite to hunt.  I typically have the entire woods around my cabin all to myself.

(Are you a felon!?  If so check out my black powder post on felons owning and hunting with them)

As mentioned before elsewhere, the cabin is surrounded by thousands and thousands of acres of public woods.  Those woods see a lot of hunter activity during the regular rifle season, but hardly anybody hunts the muzzle-loader season in my area, so the woods are nice and quiet.  It’s a good time to get out and still hunt for deer, which has its own difficulties, but I love it.

It is a hard time hunt deer, as after the regular gun season they seem to lay low and not move much except at night.  It can be a real challenge to still hunt them, and my success rate is low, but to me it is just fun to get out with my backpack and smoke-pole, sneak around the woods, maybe make a small camp for an hour and cook up some food and get warmed up, then get back to hunting.

More Deer Hunting In Wisconsin

After the muzzle-loader only season is through and done for four days there are counties in the State of Wisconsin that have doe only hunts.  Hunters with any herd controls doe tags who didn’t fill them during the other deer seasons can try to fill them over the four day herd control hunt.

I will likely hunt this as well for a day, maybe two, but I am not 100% sure yet.

Small Game Hunting

I also enjoy small game hunting.  Usually every year I harvest a few squirrels and make pot-pies out of them.  While I did get out once this year with my nephew Ryan, we didn’t see any squirrels… It was rather strange.  Finding squirrels has never been a problem in the woods around the cabin.

I do plan on getting out a few times this winter after the deer seasons have passed and do some rabbit and squirrel hunting.  In particular I want to get a couple rabbits.

Be safe out there-




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