BWCA In September

My plans for going into the Quetico fell through.  A week ago I realized my passport expired!  Sure, I could always get an RABC permit and head into the Quetico through the BWCA, but…. nope.  I am just going to spend my time in the BWCA in an area where I have not been to before.

An Early September BWCA Trip

I am planning on being gone for six or seven nights.  It will be a solo trip; just me, my Old Town Guide 119, and my usual gear.  I’ll do my best to bring along an action camera and shoot some video.

I already have my permit reserved online for a nice quiet entry point, one I have never been to before.  The plan is to check out a couple of lakes I have never paddled before; fish, explore a little, and relax.

I have a tentative paddle plan in place that involves me moving campsites every couple days.  Of course if I find a spot I really like I may end up sticking around longer.

Been A Busy Summer

There has been a lot going on this past summer, and as usual I have not been getting out as much as I would have liked.  Sadly I don’t see things letting up much on my schedule for later summer and into early winter.  Lots going on with family, friends, and a possible business venture I am looking to start.



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