Deer Crossbow Hunt 2018

I am just one day away from loading up my SUV and heading to Northwest Wisconsin and my hunting cabin.  Warm weather has kept me out of the woods and hunting deer so far this season.  That has all changed.  The cooler temps are here.  Predictions for the next week look good, with average highs in the mid to upper 40s.

Of course while I am away for several days hunting, my wife has plans set in motion for hanging out with friends and family.  She says she is going to miss me when I am up at the cabin… and I think she will, but she is looking forward to next week as well and doing her own thing.

Out Of Contact While Hunting

My cabin is off grid.  It is somewhat remote and does not have a TV, or WiFi.  I barely get a cell phone signal while there.  Phone calls home will be limited, with most communications being done through emails and texts.

While I try to post once or twice a week here on this website, the next nine days are going to be quiet.  There is no way for me to post anything while I am at the cabin.

Hopefully I will have some good news of a successful hunt upon my return to civilization!  Not many people have the Facebook page to this site, but I’ll try to post over there if I can get images uploaded.

My Gear Is All Ready To Go!

I spent last night going through my gear I am taking along.  I tripled check my crossbow, a Barnett Vicious, and double checked everything else from gear I take with me to my blind, to the clothes and other goodies I plan to bring along.

You can read a bit more about my pre-hunting preparations here.

Tomorrow after work, I load up the SUV and head north.  From everything I have been seeing and hearing, the deer are moving around during the day.  It will be a good time to get in the woods and hunt.  It sounds like the seeking phase of the rut is here.

Looking forward to putting some meat in the freezer.




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