Heading Back To The BWCA

Heading back up to the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area next week for a solo canoe camping adventure.  I’m taking my new canoe, an Old Town Guide 119, out for its first major camping trip.  I’ve had it out a few times since I bought it a couple weeks ago but this trip will see its first hard use.

Looking at the forecast for next week I am seeing much cooler temperatures; day time highs in the upper 50 range (Fahrenheit) with nighttime lows in the low 40s.  That means packing some warmer clothes and an appropriate sleeping bag.  It also means I can get away with bringing some food along other than the usual dehydrated camp food I usually bring.

Canoe Camping – Cooler Temps Means Packing Differently

Yep, gonna bring some steaks along!  Of course I hope to cook up some fish as well as some other goodies I have yet to add to my food list.  I will also bring a few dehydrated meals along too, just to be safe.  You can read more about my usual food planning for a BWCA trip here.

I’ll pack along my comfy Snugpack Jungle Blanket as it takes very little space in my bag.  I’ll also be bringing along one of my sleeping bags as well.  Some long underwear just in case I need it and a couple extra layers of clothing too.  Keeping busy and moving around will keep me plenty warm.  I’m not concerned.

In fact, that temperature range I mentioned above is my idea of perfect camping weather.

The only thing I plan on bringing along that is not part of a summer canoe camping trip is perishable foods and some warmer clothes and sleeping gear.  That’s it.

A Short Trip Is Planned

I have a lot going on the next couple months.  Getting away for this upcoming trip has not been easy to schedule.  Sadly I am only going to be spending 4 nights out canoe camping.  Luckily my drive to where I am putting in is only 5.5 hours.  I get up early and drive north and I can be on the water before noon.

I’m not planning any fast paced loop.  One of the primary focuses of this trip is going to be doing some recon.  My wife has actually mentioned she may be inclined to give a canoe camping trip a try next year.  That means a trip that is easy, more comfortable, and not too far into the wilderness.  It also means base camping.

Personally, I want to get as far away from people and get as remote as possible on such trips.  Car camping is okay… but I don’t enjoy myself nearly as much because I can see and hear other people.  A wilderness camping trip soothes my soul.

Other Trips Planned Yet This Year

I have a couple other trips I want to do yet this Fall Season.  I’ve mentioned them before in an earlier post; The St. Croix National Scenic Riverway is in my backyard, so to speak.  I also have always wanted to check out the Turtle Flambeau Flowage.  If I can make either of those two trips work this Autumn, I will be a happy camper indeed.

Stay tuned for a trip report several days from now.  I’m also looking to get some good images of Old Town Guide 119 to be included on my new site page dedicated to it.



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