I Don’t Want To Make Videos Of My Outings!

Akaso Brave 6 Action Camera
Akaso Brave 6 Action Camera

I am being asked once again by certain members of my family to take along an action camera and record my outings.  In particular my canoe trips.  Last spring on my first solo Boundary Waters Canoe Trip in more than ten years I did bring a small action camera with me – and was miserably annoyed by the entire process.  To be honest it was not at all fun.  Trying to record video is, in my opinion, tedious.

Setting up the camera, aligning it just right for a certain shot.  Worrying about sound, light, wind, if I’m in frame… it took a tole on me in a single day.  By day 2 of my trip I hardly touched that action camera.  Instead I took pictures with my phone’s camera.

Here is a short video I made in May 2018 on a solo BWCA trip.  Short and pointless!

Even just getting shots you would think are simple end up being annoying.  Well, at least to me.  I know people who love photography and video and excel at it.  Certainly not I.  Plus, I don’t think I am all that photogenic – I think I look horrible in pictures and video.  On top of that … do I really sound like that!?  I hear myself talk on playbacks and it just sounds strange to me.

Taking An Action Camera Along… Again

Okay, so despite my annoyances I explained above I am planning on bringing an action camera along with me on my May BWCA canoe trip.  I told my wife I would do my best to record and make a nice video of my adventure.  And I will try.  However, if she is hoping for a video along the lines of something Matthew Posa would put out, or Doug Linker (Doug Outside), she is sadly mistaken!

If I fail at recording interesting video I will at least try and make a few product review videos to go along with some of the items here on this blog that I approve and use.

Some Simple Product Reviews

Since I use this website to try and make a little side cash through Affiliate Marketing, I think it would make a lot of sense to create some videos of the gear that I like to use.  You know, like my Jungle Blanket.  And then there is my Gerber Gator Premium knife.  My Old Town Guide 119 too.  And many other things!

All of those items I like to use, and more, could benefit to have a short review video to go along with my write-ups here on this website.

BWCA In May – Action!

Come May this year, and maybe even a little sooner, I’ll start messing with video recording and seeing what I can do with it to further this page, and my wife’s desires to preserve my canoe tripping adventures I go on this year.  It may even be cool to put out some ‘Overweight Outdoorsman Videos‘.

To help further my product reviews and possible video recording of my outings I bought a cheap action camera, The Akaso Brave 6.  You can see it pictured above at the top of this post.  I played around with it the past few days and it seems to work well and actually has pretty good sound recording outside the waterproof case.



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