I Went To The BWCA And It Rained The Entire Time!

The typical view from my base-camp in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Rain and more rain.
The typical view from my base-camp in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Rain and more rain.

Okay, maybe it didn’t rain the entire time… but it did rain 98.99% of the time.  And not just rain, heavy rain.  And there was some wind too, major gusts.  Thunder once in while as well, and of course flashes of lightning.  It was chilly with day time temps in the mid 50s and night time lows in the low to mid 40s.

I didn’t mind the cool temps.  But man, I sure wish I would have had at least one day with some sunshine, even if just party sunny skies.

My tent performed wonderfully.  It kept me dry.  I had a ground tarp down under it and another hanging partially over it to deflect the slashing rain that accompanied the high wind gusts.

Sadly I didn’t fish much and didn’t canoe much, but I did get out and enjoy the new canoe and it performed wonderfully.  I actually ended up staying mostly in camp and reading a couple books and writing in my journal.  It was very relaxing and much better than being back at home work!

The rain started about three hours after I arrived at my camp, and it pretty much never stopped until four days later when I needed to pack back up.  Mother Nature was kind to me, she allowed me to have no rain when I setup my camp, and no rain when I had to strike my camp.  Thanks Mum!

The Point Of The Trip

The entire point behind this trip was to test out my new canoe, and Old Town Guide 119, to see how well it would perform canoe tripping.  Another aspect of the trip was to explore some new area, close to an entry point in the Boundary Waters, where I think my wife wouldn’t mind going sometime in the future (she’s not into primitive camping).

Of course the canoe performed much as I had expected and I am very pleased with it, more about that in another post in the near future.



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