Late Spring Voyageurs National Park Trip

It’s on the schedule.  Campsite is confirmed.  Dates are all confirmed.  In the late spring I am headed to Voyageurs National Park with my big sister.  I am really looking forward to this trip.  My wife may even go along, but she is not sure about getting the days off from work yet.  If she can’t I’m sure she’ll have a good time while I am away and have some of the kids come over for the short duration I am away.

My Sister Is Getting Into Camping!

My sister has a few years on me.  She’s married and has a son, my nephew Ryan.  While Ryan is going to Alaska to fish with my parents, my sister asked me about going camping with me.  Over the past couple years she has gotten into car camping at State Parks and going fishing.  She likes it!

She is looking for a more remote experience than what she has been doing previously.  I of course mentioned canoe tripping into the BWCA, but she expressed she is not ready for that.  She is not a fan of canoes.  But that’s not a problem.  I know a few remote spots northwest of Grand Marais, MN, and of course some nice spots in Voyageurs National Park.

She wants a little more remote… I can help provide that.  What I have planned is not car camping, and not canoe tripping into the wilderness, or even hiking and camping.

Water Taxi Camping!

Voyageurs National Park – Island Camping Trip!

Within Voyageurs National Park there are many campsites.  Most are far removed from other campsites.  Many of them are even isolated on islands.  I pitched to my sister reserving a campsite on one of those islands for a few nights and using a water-taxi service to drop us off on the island and pick us back up when it’s time to leave.

I admit I would like to canoe the several miles out to the island – but like I said my sister is not a fan of canoes.  And that’s okay.  Not having a canoe or even a larger boat will make the trip feel more isolated like she wants.  Because we will be stuck on the island.

Here is the plan:

  • Drive up to Voyageurs National Park (about a 5 hour drive)
  • Take our reserved water-taxi several miles to the island our campsite is on.
  • Spend 3 nights camping and fishing from shore.
  • Water-Taxi picks us back up and we head home.

Sounds pretty easy.  Short simple trip that should give her a taste of what I think she is looking for.

The Campsites In Voyageurs National Park Are Nice

The campsites in Voyageurs are a noticeable step-up from those found in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.  The BWCA campsites have a pit toilet and a fire grate.  The campsites in Voyageurs have pit toilets, fire ring and grilling grates, picnic tables, deluxe tent pad areas, and metal bear boxes.  Some of the campsites even have docks!

Check out this picture below, from the Voyageurs National Park Campsite Page:

Shelter Bay, A campsite in Voyageurs National Park. Picture from the VNP campsite page.
Shelter Bay, A campsite in Voyageurs National Park. Picture from the VNP campsite page.

It’s Going To Be A Busy Spring

Is mid June still considered Spring?  I suppose it is.  I have a May BWCA trip all set and on the schedule.  And then a few weeks later I will head to Voyageurs National Park.  The weeks around those two trips are going to be busy with other short weekend outings in my Old Town Guide 119.  I plan to the most out of that little solo canoe this year.



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