May Boundary Waters Canoe Area Trip

Alder Lake BWCA

It’s no secret if you follow this blog that I have a Boundary Waters Canoe Area trip coming up in in less than two weeks.  I am really starting to get excited for the trip.  It will be epic!  Ice is about 90 percent gone from the lakes I plan on paddling, and should be completely gone in a few more days.

Lake trout fishing should be good.  The bugs should be near nil, or very minimal.  Day time temps are seasonally expected to be in the mid to upper 60s during the day.  In the evening down into the 40s.  Last year during this same time temps were in the mid to upper 70s for highs.

This Year’s BWCA May Trip

To be honest I do not think this year’s trip can top last year’s May trip.  Last year was perfect; warm day temps, cool nights, not a single insect or fly to annoy me, and it only rained one evening for about fifteen minutes.  The fishing was pretty good too.  Like I said, I look at last year’s spring trip as perfect.

I can’t imagine I will get a repeat this year.  Sure, I can be hopeful, but it’s doubtful.

Get some more info on the BWCAW here!

My Canoe Tripping Gear

I am actually bringing less overall kit with me on this trip, but still hauling in two bags.  Nighttime temps are going to be chilly and I want to be warm… so that means bringing in a heavier sleeping bag which takes up a good amount of space.  Yes, it is an ultralight heavy bag, but still hefty.

My Old Town Guide 119 Is Ready!
My Old Town Guide 119 Is Ready!

My gear is the usual stuff.  Nothing fancy.  Tent, insulated blow up sleeping pad, sleeping bag, Snugpack Jungle Blanket, my Ursack with food, Solo Stove, camp chair, water purifier, Gerber Gator belt knife, couple lighters and fire-steel, some extra clothes, my Old Town Guide 119, etc…  you get the idea.

To see a larger detailing of the usual gear and kit I bring along on such outdoor adventures, click here!

Crash Kit

Because the ice will only be a dozen days off the lakes will be cold.  Tipping a canoe in cold lake water can kill you if not careful.  With that in mind, my spring gear also includes a ‘crash kit‘.

My crash kit is basically an easy and readily accessible dry bag that contains two space age blankets, a quick use fire starting kit, some long underwear and socks, a wool cap, and a medium sized wool blanket.  If I spill my canoe, I need to get my butt to shore fast with that dry bag and get dry and warm up fast before hypothermia gets the better of me.

Me Enjoying A Next Mile Meals Entree, Beef Taco.
Me Enjoying A Next Mile Meals Entree, Beef Taco.

Next Mile Meals

Since I have been on the Keto diet a few months now, and plan to stay on it during this canoe trip into the BWCA, I bought some Next Mile Meals.

They make dehydrated Keto meals for backpackers and campers.  They are a bit spendy, by I have to admit they taste really good.  I’ve sampled a few of them the past couple weeks and like them a lot.  You can read my review of them by clicking here.

BWCA May Fishing Trip

The primary focus of this year’s spring BWCA trip is going to be fishing.  Base camp at the same campsite, and then from there do day trips to the various lakes in the area.  All of the portages connecting the lakes in the vicinity are between 50 and 200 yards, so pretty darn short.

The primary focus is going to be lake trout, then brook trout, and then walleye.

Don’t let me fool ya, I also plan to take more than a few mid-day naps in my hammock and read a book; probably some pulp-novel goodness, a Soloman Kane or Conan story written by Robert E Howard.

There is also an old, long abandoned silver mine a few lakes away I plan to hike and find.  Also in the area there is an decrepit trapper’s cabin that is mostly rotted and gone back to nature that might be fun to try and find.



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