Next Mile Meals Review

Next Mile Meals Sampler Pack
Next Mile Meals Sampler Pack

Are Next Mile Meals any good?  Worth the higher price?  Should you give them a try on your next outing?  My Next Mile Meal review should help answer those questions.

Regular followers of this blog and my Overweight Outdoorsman posts know that about two months ago I started on the Keto diet.  I must say that so far I have had no problems staying on this diet, and want to ad I feel pretty darn good going low carb and high fat.  More energy, no sluggishness, and the weight has been coming off at a steady rate.

I have been more than a little concerned about how I would be handling meals on my Boundary Waters canoe trip next month.  No longer.  I found Next Mile Meals – they make dehydrated keto meals.

Next Mile Meals Review

First a little brief history: Next Mile Meals was started by two people, Jessie and Christopher, who are serious backpackers.  They looked to the Keto diet to find an alternative to high carb foods and started making their own at home.

Other backpackers on the trail who tried their dehydrated foods loved them and asked if they were sale.  It just made sense to start a company that provided such food to Keto focused outdoor enthusiasts.  And so they did.  Next Mile Meals was born.

What Meals Do They Make?

Next Mile Meals - low carb Beef Taco meal, Keto friendly!
Next Mile Meals – low carb Beef Taco meal, Keto friendly!

As I write this post the Next Mile Meals website shows eight different meals available.  Six are dinner/lunch entrees.  Two are breakfast themed.  Here is a list as of 4/2019.

  • Chicken and Broccoli
  • Beef Taco
  • Meatball Marinara
  • Buffalo Ranch Chicken
  • Deli Roast Beef
  • Curry Chicken Salad
  • Sausage Scramble
  • Denver Omelette

Each pouch of food is a single serving.

How Much Do Next Mile Meals Cost?

Well, I do admit they are expensive compared to other brands such as Mountain House or AlpineAire.  The main entrees currently cost around $14.00 per pouch, and the breakfast pouches are $9.00 per pouch.

Why are they so expensive?  Many people ask that very question.  But stop and think about it.  Have you ever eaten a Mountain House meal or any of the other suppliers out there?  Their food pouches are filled with noodles, rice, and powdered potato flakes… fillers.  Cheap low cost fillers.

Next Mile Meals doesn’t do that.  The bottom line is that Next Mile Meals are 100% Keto friendly and have no fillers added.  The food ingredients in their pouches is high end; lots of meat, cheese, and veggies… no cheap fillers full of carbs.

Do Next Mile Meals Taste Good?

I actually like them a lot.  They taste pretty darn, do a good job of filling me up, and give me the energy I need to keep busy in the outdoors.  Below is a picture of me chowing down over this past weekend on an off trail day hike in northwest Wisconsin.

Next Mile Meals, Beef Taco
Next Mile Meals, Beef Taco

So for I have tried four of the meals and like them all.  I will certainly be bringing some of them along on my upcoming Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area trip in May.  They will help supplement the other food items I am bringing, along with the intent to each fish every day, to keep me well fed and happy while in the wilderness.

They pack light; take up little space and not much weight.  And they taste pretty darn good!  Just boil up some water and add it to the pouch.  Let it set for ten or fifteen minutes to re-hydrate the food, then dig in.  You can eat right out of the pouch.  Easy cleanup.  No fuss, no muss.

The Overweight Outdoorsman approves!

Next Mile Meals – Give Them A Try!

Give Next Mile Meals a try – I am sure you will not be disappointed.  If you are into dehydrating your own backpacking and camping meals you can certainly get some good ideas on what to do yourself based on their meals.  But, if you are like me, and don’t mind spending the money a few times a year for your outings, then get online and buy their meals.

You can order direct from their website, found here.  I also found them on Amazon but they were listed at a higher price there.  Who knows if that will change as they become more mainstream.  Likely before long Next Mile Meals will be popping up at many outdoor themed retail stores.

Yes, they are high priced.  But for those like myself who are on the Keto diet looking for alternatives that will work well doing outdoors activities these meals fit a need.  No noodle, potato, or rice fillers are found in Next Mile Meals – only high quality food contents that are Keto diet friendly, and enough to fill you up.



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