Next Outing Is Planned!

Next Outing Is Planned!

With Covid 19 still present but in what appears to be a decline from the efforts of social distancing and other factors, States are opening back up!  On June 10th Wisconsin will be opening up campgrounds once again for campers.

I have been itching to get away from my local area where I have been doing some fishing, hiking, and paddling.  The desire to load up my jeep, my Old Town Guide 119, and a bunch of my kit it strong!  I need to go do something!

So I am planning a trip the week of July 4th.  Pretty much that entire week is going to be spent outdoors; camping, hiking, fishing, exploring.

July 4th!

July 4th is my wedding anniversary, so I need to be home for that.  But, since my wife is not into the outdoors all that much, the several days proceeding July 4th are all about me!  HAHAHAHA!

I was thinking about going up to the BWCA for a 4-5 days, but I decided I would stay in the State of Wisconsin.  There are a lot of State Parks and State Forests I have not seen, so I want to do a combo overland trip mixed with primitive State Campground camping.

I’ll be bringing my Old Town Guide 119 to do some paddling when the opportunity presents itself.

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