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Not sure what happened but when I was on my overland trip this past September my interest in outdoor photography & videography increased dramatically.

Back in my late teen and early 20s I was into photography, and carried around a Pentax film camera with two lenses wherever I went.  It was a lot of fun.  Then, between the ages of 22 and 46 the pictures I took were done with disposable film cameras and recent years with a phone.

Recently I purchased a Nikon DSLR D3500 entry level kit bundle and have been having a blast relearning photography.

The Basics of Understanding Photography Still Apply

Lucky for me I remember a lot from my youth in regards to the photography triangle; ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture.  If you understand how those three things relate to each other, you will have a solid foundation for building upon your skills to be a photographer.

As my interest in outdoor photography and videography has taken off, I have created a separate website that focuses expressly on that.

The New Outdoor Photography Website

This post is really about letting the 40-60 people who have been visiting this website per day know that there is another website that focuses on my outdoor photography.  I thought about posting all that content here on this website, but after some serious thought I decided it was better to give it its own website to feature it.

The intent of the new website will work in tandem, in some ways, with this website.  TD ALL OUTDOORS will still be about camping, canoe tripping, overlanding, hiking… etc…   the photography website, TDBAUER.COM (update 5/5/22, site down… photos are being used elsewhere) will be about the pictures and outdoor videos that I take on my outings.

Here is a picker I took last weekend while out exploring Northwest Wisconsin.


TD is the owner and publisher of TD All Outdoors. He has been enjoying the outdoors since since he was a child. Over the years he has spent as much time as he can solo wilderness canoe tripping, overlanding, hiking, fishing, bushcrafting, hunting, hammock camping, and more. Aside from this blog, he also own his own coffee brand, www.folklore-coffee.com.

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