Overweight Outdoorsman – Keto!

As I recall writing in my last Overweight Outdoorsman post over a month ago, I had been pretty much maintaining my weight around 260 lbs since about June 2018.  I had been doing a Paleo type diet before that and went from 325 lbs+ down to 260 lbs.  This past summer and into winter I pretty much stayed in that weight range, but added in some other foods not on the Paleo diet.  All was okay as I did not gain weight back.

Moving Forward Into 2019 – Keto Diet

As mentioned in my last overweight themed post, I wrote about wanting to drop 30 to 40 more pounds before my Spring BWCA trip.  I feel that is certainly attainable, especially the 30 pounds.

Several days ago I got serious once again and went on a Keto diet.  The day I started I weighed in at 263.5 lbs naked.  Yesterday I weighed in at 258.1 lbs naked.  So far having lost a little over 5 pounds.  That has been attained with just watching what I eat very closely and not doing any real exercise beyond my routine daily activity.  With that said, I do plan on adding in some light cardio here and there.

For more information on the Keto diet and the foods you can and can’t eat, check out this link.

Watching Those Carbs!

To maintain a close eye on my carb intake I am using an app called Carb Manager from the Google Play Store.  It has a free version and pro version, but I have just been using the free version to excellent affect.

A buddy of mine informed me of this app and has used it.  Dude… I know you read these posts, and you were so right.  That is a fantastic app and makes staying on the Keto diet much easier.

Thankfully I get to load up on protein and fats!  So bacon is still my once or twice a week friend!

Weight Loss Plans Past May 2019

Once my spring BWCA trip is past I will re-evaluate my weight loss goals.  I may end up taking the summer and fall months off again and just maintaining the weight I am at during that time.

Ideally I would like to get down to around 210 to 220 pounds.

Motivation For An Overweight Outdoorsman

Since I got my new solo canoe this past fall, dropping more weight is going to help motivate me for some outdoors trips I want to make in the near future.

I want to spend a handful of days on the ‘quiet’ side of the Turtle-Flambeau Senic Waters this year.  That is just a four or five hour drive from where I live here in Wisconsin.  Wouldn’t cost me much to make that trip happen.

Another motivation is to spend some time on St. Croix National Scenic Riverway – which is just a few short miles from where I live.  However, the section of the riverway I want to explore is further north not far from my cabin in northwest Wisconsin.

And then there is Woodland Caribou Provincial Park in Ontario Canada.  Where the BWCA gets on average around 250,000 canoe trippers per year, Woodland Caribou Provincial Park is about the same size and gets only 1,000 per year.  That’s my dream trip.  I really want to do a solo trip there this year if I can make it happen.  But my wife, whom I dearly love, is pushing for me to go along with somebody just to be safe.



TD is the owner and publisher of TD All Outdoors. He has been enjoying the outdoors since since he was a child. Over the years he has spent as much time as he can solo wilderness canoe tripping, overlanding, hiking, fishing, bushcrafting, hunting, hammock camping, and more. Aside from this blog, he also own his own coffee brand, www.folklore-coffee.com.

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