Overweight Outdoorsman Update – Down To 225lbs

Me, the wife, and a granddaughter a few weeks ago.

I have some conflicting notes I recently came across on how much I weighed when I started my Overweight Outdoorsman posts.  Some notes say 325 lbs, others say 335 lbs.  To be honest, I think I was likely 335 lbs.

Before going on my Voyageurs National Park trip this past week I weighed myself at 225 lbs bucks naked.  So I have either lost 100 lbs so far or 110 lbs so far.  Either way I am feeling good and have a lot more energy.  I’m happy.

I’m not happy that I have to keep buying new clothes every three months.  That adds up fast and is expensive (I like wearing Duluth Trading Company clothes).  I’ve lost track how much clothes I had dropped off to local shelters and the like.

My pant waistline size is currently 38.

The Keto diet has worked well for me.  No complaints at all about that.

Me, the wife, and a granddaughter five years ago.
Me, the wife, and a granddaughter five years ago.











Get off the couch, get outside.



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