Voyageurs National Park – Camping With My Sister

A nice little campfire in a wilderness setting is mesmerizing.

A nice little campfire in a wilderness setting is mesmerizing.

Not far in the future I will be heading to Voyageurs National Park, Lake Kabetogama region, for a short four day camping trip.  My one and only sibling, my sister Tracy, who has a few years on my 45, is going along.  In fact it was her idea to do this trip.

Keep reading for the details of this upcoming adventure in Voyageurs National Park! CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

May BWCA Canoe Trip 2019

Old Town Guide 119 in the BWCA, Alder Lake.

Old Town Guide 119 in the BWCA, Alder Lake.

What can I say, I had a really good time on my May Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness trip.  The weather was all over the place with cold, wind, sun, clouds, sleet, and rain.  As such the fishing was not so great but my buddy and I managed to fend for ourselves and catch some to eat.

I took some pictures and even managed to video record like my family wanted me to do.  On top of that I made a little video and posted it to YouTubeThe video is shared further below. CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

May Boundary Waters Canoe Area Trip

Alder Lake BWCA

It’s no secret if you follow this blog that I have a Boundary Waters Canoe Area trip coming up in in less than two weeks.  I am really starting to get excited for the trip.  It will be epic!  Ice is about 90 percent gone from the lakes I plan on paddling, and should be completely gone in a few more days.

Lake trout fishing should be good.  The bugs should be near nil, or very minimal.  Day time temps are seasonally expected to be in the mid to upper 60s during the day.  In the evening down into the 40s.  Last year during this same time temps were in the mid to upper 70s for highs. CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

Overweight Outdoorsman – Name Change Coming?

Another little update on my status as an Overweight Outdoorsman.  Not sure how long I should be referring to myself with that name.  I weighed myself this morning and I am down to 235 pounds.

My target weight for my height (pushing six foot 2 inches) and bone structure, from what I have been told, is 233 pounds… which seems still high to me.  Back in my Merchant Marine days I recall weighing in at 200 pounds, but I was leaner and had more muscle back them. CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

Floating Lodges House Boat Vacation

Floating Lodges Sioux Narrows Logo

Floating Lodges Sioux Narrows Logo

Back in my mid twenties I went on my first houseboat vacation.  The outfitter was Floating Lodges located on Sioux Narrows, Ontario Canada, on the beautiful Lake of the Woods.  Since then I have never gone on a houseboat vacation other than through Floating Lodges.  And since then I have been on perhaps a dozen such vacations. CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

Next Mile Meals Review

Next Mile Meals Sampler Pack

Next Mile Meals Sampler Pack

Are Next Mile Meals any good?  Worth the higher price?  Should you give them a try on your next outing?  My Next Mile Meal review should help answer those questions.

Regular followers of this blog and my Overweight Outdoorsman posts know that about two months ago I started on the Keto diet.  I must say that so far I have had no problems staying on this diet, and want to ad I feel pretty darn good going low carb and high fat.  More energy, no sluggishness, and the weight has been coming off at a steady rate. CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

I Bought A Garmin inReach SE+

Garmin inReach SE+

Garmin inReach SE+

I bought a Garmin inReach SE+ for the singular purpose of being able to check in on things back home when I am out on my extended vacations that take me out of cell phone tower range.  It will also serve a dual role in that I can let people back home know I am okay on my solo wilderness outings.

On top of the communication features, I can also use the Garmin inReach SE+ to alert Search and Rescue (SAR) services of any emergency medical and life threatening situations that could pop up, but hopefully never will. CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

Overweight Outdoorsman – Not Doing So Good!

No, I have not given up or started eating lots of pizza, lasagna, and sucking down 2-3 Coca-Colas a day like I used to.  I have actually been on a stricter diet than I have ever been before and not having any issues sticking to it.

However, despite feeling good and having more energy, I seem to have plateaued on my Keto Diet.  Every Friday since I went on the Keto diet I have weighed myself.  The past couple weeks I have not lost any weight!  I have been hovering around 244 pounds. CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE