Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman

Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman

Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman

I got an email from Old Town Canoe Company a few days ago promoting their new for 2019 Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman canoe.  So what is this new canoe?  How much does it cost?  What are the specs on it?  Does it fit a particular niche?  Let’s take a look at the new Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman! CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

I Don’t Want To Make Videos Of My Outings!

Akaso Brave 6 Action Camera

Akaso Brave 6 Action Camera

I am being asked once again by certain members of my family to take along an action camera and record my outings.  In particular my canoe trips.  Last spring on my first solo Boundary Waters Canoe Trip in more than ten years I did bring a small action camera with me – and was miserably annoyed by the entire process.  To be honest it was not at all fun.  Trying to record video is, in my opinion, tedious.

Setting up the camera, aligning it just right for a certain shot.  Worrying about sound, light, wind, if I’m in frame… it took a tole on me in a single day.  By day 2 of my trip I hardly touched that action camera.  Instead I took pictures with my phone’s camera. CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

Quetico Provincial Park In September

The past couple weeks I had been working to make a September Woodland Caribou Provincial Park trip happen.  Sadly it doesn’t look possible for this year.  I just can’t get enough time away to do that trip.  If I am going to make it happen I really want to spend 8-10 in WCPP, and I can’t make that work for this year.  But I can get away to the Quetico Provincial Park for 6-7 nights.


Eagerly Waiting Canoe Season 2019

February 2019 certainly has been snowy.  Winter started out rather mild with rain in December and January, which is not unheard of but certainly not the norm for northwest Wisconsin.  Then February came along with snow storm after snow storm.  I heard someplace it has been the third most snowy February on record. CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

Gerber Gator Premium Replacement Sheath

Gerber Gator Premium, great knife, but the sheath it comes with leaves little to be desired.

Gerber Gator Premium, great knife, but the sheath it comes with leaves little to be desired.

Are you dissatisfied like I am with the sheath that came with your Gerber Gator Premium?  The Gator Premium itself is a great knife, but let’s face it, the sheath is not anywhere near the quality of the knife.  I’ve searched high and low for a Gerber Replacement sheath but have had no luck.

I’ve even looked for aftermarket custom made sheaths for my Gerber Gator Premium, but also no luck.

So I guess I have to make my own… and I did!  I have to wonder if there is an aftermarket desire from people to sell these custom replacement sheaths? CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

Late Spring Voyageurs National Park Trip

It’s on the schedule.  Campsite is confirmed.  Dates are all confirmed.  In the late spring I am headed to Voyageurs National Park with my big sister.  I am really looking forward to this trip.  My wife may even go along, but she is not sure about getting the days off from work yet.  If she can’t I’m sure she’ll have a good time while I am away and have some of the kids come over for the short duration I am away. CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park – Trip Planning

For a few years now I have been wanting to go canoe tripping in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park.  Over the past year I have mentioned it a few times here on this website.  It’s on my to do list, to be sure.

Recently I have been taking a hard look at doing a September trip to Woodland Caribou Provincial Park (WCPP) and exploring some options that are open to me.  When I say options I mean the following; fly in, shuttle in, or drive myself in.

I am having a hard time deciding which method I want to use getting my butt and gear into the park.  And while I want to go solo, my wife is strongly encouraging me to go with at least one other person. CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE