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A Little Update

I was in my garage yesterday afternoon thinking about how it needed to be cleaned out.  While making preparations to get reorganized my eyes kept wandering towards my Old Town Guide 119 as it sat on its gunnels in storage.  Spring isn’t too far off and thoughts of a quiet paddle on a cold spring […]

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Canoe Tripping

What Canoe Should I Buy? Hard Decision!

It’s no secret I’ve been thinking about buying a new canoe for almost a year.  Been saving up a little money on the side to make that new canoe purchase, and I’m getting close to being ready… sorta.  Currently I own an aluminum 17 footer that is over twenty years old and over 86 pounds […]

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Thinking Of Buying A New Solo Canoe

I already have an aluminum canoe.  It’s pretty old, I think fifteen or twenty years old.  Seventeen footer and durable.  Sadly though I can’t haul the thing around as easily as I want.  It weighs close to 90 pounds.  I want something smaller, something for solo canoe paddling. Here’s the rub; I don’t want to […]

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