overweight and camping

Overweight Outdoorsman

Overweight Outdoorsman – Not Doing So Good!

No, I have not given up or started eating lots of pizza, lasagna, and sucking down 2-3 Coca-Colas a day like I used to.  I have actually been on a stricter diet than I have ever been before and not having any issues sticking to it. However, despite feeling good and having more energy, I […]

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Camping And Health

Overweight Outdoorsman – About To Go Canoe Tripping

When I first stated this series of posts I was weighing myself every week and reporting the results here.  I did weigh in this past Friday on May 11th and an happy to report I got down to 280lbs. So far I have lost 45 pounds over the past four to five months.  When I […]

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