The Overweight Outdoorsman – Part 2

Just a quick update on the dieting front.  I totally cut out the crap food I used to eat over lunch (fast food, mostly), as well as soda.  Yesterday had been one week so far of being on the diet.  I weighed myself in the morning and dropped two pounds over the course of seven days.

It was actually a rough week.  Not because I was craving the crap food I used to eat, but rather because I had a nasty cold.  All in all the first week was a success.  If I loose two pounds per week between now and my spring Boundary Waters Canoe Area trip, I’ll be able to allow myself to go.

To get caught up on what started this post thread, check out The Overweight Outdoorsman Part 1.

I’ll continue to make updates as I progress.  Looking at joining a gym after the first of the year… they usually have some good deals going on around that time.

The Holidays Are Ahead – A Dieters Nightmare!

I’ll go into a little more detail in future posts regarding the types of meals I have been eating.  I am actually doing a lot of documenting at home on my endeavor to get healthy.

My main concern the next three weekends is Holiday meals.

Tomorrow (12/16) my family has a large Holiday party, and there is always lots of food and treats.  It is going to be a challenge to avoid eating poorly.  Cousins, aunts, uncles…scores of people, and lots of food.

The following weekend I have two, count them two large family meals (one on 12/23 and another on 12/25) that I will be attending.  These couple of days has me worried, big time.

Then the following weekend is the New Years Weekend.  I am not too worried about this weekend, only one dinner I need to attend (12/31), and I know I can eat whatever I choose on a menu – Caesar Salad is on my mind.

The Stats So Far

Starting Weight as of 12/7/17:  325 lbs.

Weigh in on 12/14/17:  317 lbs.

Wish me luck-



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