The Overweight Outdoorsman – Part 8, Struggle!

It has been one week since my last weigh in.  Did I lose any weight?  Yep, a little.  While my eating habits that I changed to seven weeks ago had started out with great weight loss, I have now slowed way down.

The need to add exercise to my routine is key for accelerated weight loss.


The Overweight Outdoorsman – Week Seven!

Starting Weight as of 12/7/17:  325 lbs.

Weigh in on 1/18/17:  302.8 lbs.  (lost 1.2 lbs since last week)

Weight loss so far over seven weeks:  22.2 lbs.  I was hoping to be below 300 lbs by now.  Not bummed out about it, just was hoping.

No serious cravings for the old junk food I used to eat too much of.  Things have been going well.  I eat 5-6 small snack sized meals per day, mostly all natural things, and it is working slowly but surly.

Need To Start Exercising!

No doubt about it, my weight loss has slowed down the past couple weeks.  But even with just having lost over 16 lbs I feel pretty good, it’s noticeable.  My clothes are a little looser, not much, but a little, and like that.  It motivates me.  Especially when I see all the new clothes I want to buy at Duluth Trading Company (where my wife works as a store lead).

I am sure I will keep loosing weight slowly just from changing my eating habits like I have.  I am doing a mostly paleo type diet, and it is working.

However…  I know that adding cardio and some light muscle toning with resistance training will really help me loose weight faster.  The past couple reports I have talked about checking out gyms in my area and joining one.  I did find a gym I like and think I will join.  Not 100% sure yet though.

At this point just getting out and walking or hiking would help.  And I admit this winter I have not been out much, or up to the cabin much where I like to hike around.

Future Overweight Outdoorsman Updates

I don’t want this website to turn into a focus on the overweight outdoorsman posts.  So I instead of posting every Thursday on weight loss results, I am going to push them out to ever two weeks.

Catching up?  Check out my first Overweight Outdoorsman post here.



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