Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail – Overlanding Trip

Yep, the title says it all; Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail Overlander Trip.  Okay, awkward, yet again trip plans have potentially changed for my upcoming trip in September.

I may have to stay closer to home during my September trip… and I may not.  So I am actually planning two overland trips right now.  The previously mentioned trip to the MN Arrowhead for some canoe camping, forest road exploring, boondock camping adventure!  Or, if I need to stay closer to home, then I will hit the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail instead (T.W.A.T.).

To be honest I would much rather hit the Arrowhead, I love it up there.  But, I have never driven the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail before, and I have to say I am feeling curious.

Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail

The Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trails runs from the bottom of the State of Wisconsin to the top.  It’s said to be an overland trail anyone can drive with a stock 4 wheel drive vehicle.  I am sure my little Jeep Renegade Trailhawk will have no issues.  I recently put new tread on my mini adventure vehicle, some TOYO Open Country A/T III 235/65/17, a step up in width from what I had, and much more aggressive tread as well.

The T.W.A.T. consists of paved country roads, gravel roads, sand roads, back forest fire-lanes, deep forest two-tracks, and supposedly even a few shallow water crossings with some forest roads possible flooded if there has been lots of rain.

Sounds like fun!  And I have to admit, I could end up doing such trips as I get older.

My Canoe

While there are going to be a couple locations I plan on camping at on this possible overland trips, locations with lakes and rivers, I am not planning on taking my Old Town Guide 119.

That is one of the major contentions I have about this trip… not getting my canoe in the water!


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