Lake of the Woods, Ontario Canada!  Pulled up on shore to have some shore lunch!
Lake of the Woods, Ontario Canada! Pulled up on shore to have some shore lunch!

For as long as I can remember, which is back a ways, I loved going fishing.  Some of my earliest memories are from when I was 2 or 3, living in Aniak, Alaska with my parent’s and older sister.  Images are all I really recall of that time.  But memories from age 3 and 4 when we were living finally in Wisconsin involve fishing!

Not far from where we lived when I was 4 there was a small stream or river that flowed into Lake Tomah.  I remember standing on the banks of that stream with my dad and mom catching sunfish.  I loved it.  Memories after that involve a lake home my grandparent’s owned on Bone Lake, Wisconsin.  I remember begging and pleading with my dad to take me there as a six your old.

Another fun fishing memory from my early years was fishing in the cranberry marshes in and around Warrens, Wisconsin.  As a kid I thought the call of the red-wing blackbird was awesome, and would somehow associated that bird and it’s song with fishing the cranberry marshes.

I was in the third grade when my dad took me on my first Canadian fishing trip.  South Shore Lodge on Eagle lake in Ontario…  yeah, good memories there.  One of my cousins and uncles was there too, as well as a friend of my dad’s and his young son.  The fishing was not that good.  I remember being cold and wet all the time… but I was with my dad and we were on a fishing trip so everything was right in the world.

Fishing Has Always Been Part Of My Life

As the years progressed the fishing adventures continued.  I loved spending time at my grandparents cabin on Bone Lake.  Fishing right of their dock would produce lots of sunnies, bluegills, and even some large mouth bass.  Once in a while I was lucky enough to get to go out on the pontoon boat or in the rowboat.

Eventually my dad got around to buying his own boat, a Bass Tracker.  Every weekend we try and get out for the day and do some fishing on that boat.  Of course there more trips to Canada, as well as other trips some amazing charter trips we took on Lake Superior and Lake Michigan.

Eventually I got older, moved out and started my own life.  Fishing remained.  I still fished with my dad now and then, but also met some buddies through places I worked that enjoyed being out on the water as well.

Chad and Dan.  I will always remember those two.  Chad passed away from a form of cancer back in 2006.  He was only 36.  Chad loved the outdoors.  Not only did he and fish, but we also hunted game birds and small game together.  Dan was another good buddy I used to go do a lot fishing with… we had a small secluded lake brimming with crappies that we enjoyed fishing.  Dan is still around, but the years had us grow a part as we both started families.

Fly Fishing!

A section of the Willow River, St Croix County, Wisconsin.
A section of the Willow River, St Croix County, Wisconsin.

I got into fly fishing back in 2010.  My parents had their own lake home back then on Somers Lake in Polk County Wisconsin.  Not far away from their lake home was Knapp Creek, a spring fed trout stream.  On on Knapp Creak was the Seven Pines Lodge.

Seven Pines Lodge is now closed.  It was once a place for the well to do fly fishermen, and frequented by Presidents such as Calvin Coolidge.  It was well know for its trout fishing and beautiful pine tree surroundings.  I heard about it back when my parents owned their lake home.  It was only about four miles away from their place.

I stopped in once to check it out and said “self… I am going to start fly fishing”… and rest is history.

In the area around where I live there are a variety of world class trout streams.  So I am fortunate in that regard.  While My fly fishing technique is not that refined, I sure do have a good time fishing the streams in my area.

And My Fishing Life Continues

I still get up to Canada once a year.  And then there are some local bodies if water I fish a few times throughout the summer, both lakes and streams.

Over the past few years I have had the joy of seeing some of the little grand kids catch their first fish.  Its’ always fun to see that and be part of it.

By far my favorite game fish to go after is the walleye.  In particular in the lakes of Ontario Canada.  Canada is a fisherman’s heaven, to be sure.  After that it’s trout.

Fishing is a great way for families to spend some time together.  Get outside, relax, have some fun, laugh, enjoy the fresh air and nature… catch some fish.

As I write this, I have a couple fishing trips planned or in the stages of being planned for next year.  In particular I am looking forward to a trip into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in the late summer of 2018.  It has been a while since I did some canoe tripping, and am excited to go.

Keep an eye on my blog posts.  Along with my other outdoor activities there will be some posts about fishing.

Thanks for reading,