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Looking for a premium gourmet coffee that will fit into your outdoor camping hobby and lifestyle? Look no further. Folklore-Coffee is here. It’s the perfect coffee for explorers, adventurers, and outdoor enthusiasts. I love minimalist camping, canoe tripping, overlanding, and everything in between, and I created Folklore Coffee for people like me; who hear Adventure calling, and need to answer that call.

Folklore Coffee, Pecos Bill Med-Dark Roast
Folklore Coffee, Pecos Bill Med-Dark Roast

What Is Folklore-Coffee

Folklore-Coffee is gourmet coffee from Aribica beans found all around the world, ethically sourced and sustainably grown. This is premium craft coffee that is roasted in micro batches upon your order. It is ground to whatever option you want (whole, drip, course, or fine), and shipped to arrive at your door in 7-10 days.

If your coffee order is shipping domestically within the United States shipping is free.

The coffee produced by the large roasters and distributors that you see on the shelves of your grocery stores is bulk produced and packaged, warehoused, and eventually distributed to retail locations – it’s also 2-3 months post roast by the time you see it sitting on the shelf.

Once coffee beans are roasted they hit peak brewing freshness in about five to seven days, and lasts for up to thirty days. The cheap mass produced coffee in retails stores is cheap for a reason. You get what you pay for.

There is a big taste difference between craft coffee roasted upon order and the coffee you see in retail grocery stores. People who prefer craft coffee know the difference.

Folklore-Coffee is premium gourmet coffee that is craft roasted in small batches. If you are looking for a great tasting cup of coffee for at home and on your outdoor adventure, you found it in Folklore-Coffee.

Folklore-Coffee Primary Roasts
Folklore-Coffee Primary Roasts

Who Is Folklore Coffee For?

It’s for people like you and me; people who love and enjoy spending time in the outdoors. If you’re curious to see where the idea for Folklore-Coffee LLC came from, check out this short blog post.

You Are An Explorer

You seek what can only be found in The Great Outdoors. On the surface you feel compelled to go backpacking and camping. Perhaps you push yourself harder and seek roads less traveled where few have tread, through bushcrafting, deep wilderness canoe tripping, off road overlanding, and remote minimalist camping.

You have a strong desire to explore, to view first-hand what is beyond the hills before you, what’s around the bend in the trail ahead, what lies at the base of the valley, or what the lake to the east on your faded map looks like . . . You know you will push on. It’s who you are.

You Seek Adventure

It’s adventure you desire, as well as knowledge of the unknown. It’s the opportunity to feast your eyes upon the beauty of the world and experience new wonders firsthand and share it with others through stories and pictures.

You spend hours researching future expeditions and planning your journeys. You have maps, books of lore, and copious amounts of personal notes. You have skills many do not. You have knowledge. You have a connection to this world most do not and cannot understand.

You are one of a special few, and adventure is calling.

Are you ready? Of course you are. You are always ready.

Paul Bunyan Taste the Difference, Folklore Coffee LLC
Paul Bunyan Taste the Difference, Folklore Coffee LLC

How Ordering From Folklore-Coffee Works

It’s easy. You go to my online coffee store website ( and select your desired roast and type of preferred grind. You then go to the checkout and enter your shipping info and payment info.

Once your order is received it goes into an order que (first ordered first served). Within 3-5 business days your order is roasted, ground, and shipped out. When the coffee label is placed on the coffee bag the roasted beans inside are still warm – now that’s fresh!

You will be sent emails with order and tracking information shortly after ordering. Your coffee order will arrive in 7-10 business days, in time for peak flavor brewing!

Get Some Folklore Coffee Today For Your Next Outdoor Adventure!
Get Some Folklore Coffee Today For Your Next Outdoor Adventure!

Get Your Folklore Coffee Today!

All of our roasts are folklore themed and are packaged in Kraft paper bags that have that pioneer look and feel. You’ll appreciate the label art. All of our coffee is named after a creature or character from folklore tales and legends.

  • Jackalope, light roast
  • The Sasquatch, medium roast
  • Pecos Bill, medium-dark roast
  • Paul Bunyan, dark roast
  • Rip Van Winkle, medium roast, aged in whiskey barrels for 30 days before roasting
  • The Yeti, medium roast, perfect for cold brew and nitro coffee lovers
  • The Scarecrow, medium roast, pumpkin spice flavored
  • Krampus, medium roast, candy-cane flavored

We’ll be adding more roasts and flavors in the future as the business grows.

Want to save 10% on your first order? Of course you do! Use the code ‘folklore’ at checkout and save 10% on your first order.

Want to keep ordering and save money? Of course you do! Folklore Coffee also has a coffee subscription service that can save you 5 to 10 percent on subscription orders.

You can find tasting flavors as well as origin information for all our roasts on our the Folklore Coffee website.


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