Hiking means walking outdoors on a trail or off trail for recreational purposes.  It’s a great way to see nature and explore the countryside.

Don’t mistake ‘walking’ for hiking.  Walking is a term used to describe urban excursion that are on foot.  Hiking is used to describe what is typically longer walks that take place outside of urban settings.

Various Types Of Hiking

There are a few different types of hiking.  Let’s take a look at them below:

  • Day Hike:  A short hike that usually takes half a day to complete, never more than a day.  Most people who day hike carry a small backpack with some snack and water, or maybe even a meal or two to prepare during the day.
  • Long Distance Hiking:  Usually hikes that are more than a day are considered long distance hiking.  People who do this type of hiking carry large packs and are outfitted for spending long stretches of time on the trial.  Tents, cook stoves, food, water, first aid, navigation aids – all are part of the kit that these types of hikers carry.
  • Bushwhacking:  Sometimes hiking requires walking through areas with no trail.  Often time this means going cross country through dense forests, thick undergrowth, and tangled bushes, where forward momentum requires pushing vegetation away.  In extreme cases, such as in jungles, machetes might be used to clear vegetation away.  This is called bushwhacking, or in other parts of the world outside the United States, off-trail hiking.