Matthew Posa Adventures On YouTube – Worth Watching!

Matthew Posa Adventures logo. Find him on YouTube.
Matthew Posa Adventures logo. Find him on YouTube.

I love the outdoors.  Camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, canoe tripping.  I do all of those to greater or lesser degrees.  Most of the time I can’t be outside doing those things I enjoy.  You see, I have to work and make money that I get to then squander on things like bills; mortgage, food, heat…etc…  So I don’t get out as much as I would like.  But when I can’t get outside I turn to YouTube to get myself a partial outdoor fix.

In fact because I watch so much YouTube these days I joined Premium and no longer have to watch ads.

When I watch outdoor themed YouTubers I relax.  It settles my restless soul.  Sure, it’s not nearly as good as getting out there in the forest or on a lake for myself.  But hey, it’s better than nothing.  In fact it’s way better than nothing.  I find myself immensely entertained by several YouTubers, and not only that, I also find a lot of inspiration from them.

Who Do I Watch The Most?  Matthew Posa Adventures!

I got started a few years ago watching outdoor themed YouTube Channels.  There are a lot of people out there putting out a great deal of content.  Some YouTubers are pretty good, most however suck eggs.  I strongly believe that those whom I find enjoyable to watch are people that don’t take themselves too seriously.

Matthew Posa seems to me to be such a person.  He’s out there making great outdoor videos and having fun – it clearly comes across in every single one of his videos he posts on his channel.  Nothing stops him:  Rain or shine.  Thick insects from hell.  Foot wounds.  Stifling Heat.  Frigid cold… I’m telling you this guy gets out there and makes it work no matter what the conditions.  It’s all for the love of the outdoors and adventure!

Check out his channel’s preview video below… it really sets the mood:

What Does Matthew Posa Do In His YouTube Videos?

First and foremost he has fun and he brings one or two of his dogs along with him most of the time.  He camps, canoe trips, goes fishing, hiking, winter camping (winter camping in a snowstorm), snow shelter building, catches and cooks, hikes and cooks.  He also does some bushcrafting, though he admits he is not a hardcore bushcrafter, but rather a funcrafter.  He’s out there to have a good time, enjoy nature, do all of the things and more that I mentioned above, and bring us along for the ride.

From left to right: Rueger, Matthew Posa, and Monty.
From left to right: Rueger, Matthew Posa, and Monty.

One of the things I like about his videos is the effort he puts into them.  As an example, he’ll set his camera up on shore just to capture an image of his paddling past and continue on far away down the lake he’s on.  He then has to paddle back and get his camera – all that takes time and effort!  He’ll do the same thing when trudging across an ice and snow covered lake wearing snowshoes and pulling a heavy sled full of gear.  Matthew Posa works at it!

And then there are his dogs, Monty and Rueger.  Wow, this guy loves his dogs and it’s admirable.  You can see from his many videos they are truly members of his family.  They have their own rain gear, sleeping pads, and sleeping bags.  They eat just as good as he does, too.

Matthew Posa Makes Themed Videos

When a holiday comes about he’ll include the holiday theme in his videos.  He has a Christmas winter camping video he made with Monty where he decorated a pine tree in the woods complete with a Christmas meal and … wait for it… SANTA leaves presents under the tree outside his shelter for him and Monty when they wake up in the morning.  Check out that video here.

Matthew Posa Adventures; wilderness winter camping with a Christmas theme.
Matthew Posa Adventures; wilderness winter camping with a Christmas theme.

Other themed videos includes Easter, St Patrick’s Day, the 4th of July, and birthday parties for his dogs complete with party favors and special treats.

More About Why I Like Matthew Posa Adventures on YouTube

As mentioned above I find YouTubers that I enjoy watching to be those who don’t take themselves too seriously.  It is pretty easy to edit out embarrassing moments and mishaps.  Mr. Posa doesn’t do that from what I have seen.

He’s gone out to camp in the woods and create a shelter that was a failure (according to him) because he wasn’t prepared for the severity of the swarming bugs.  He turned that video into a learning experience on being fluid with your plans and changed his outing midway through and just went fishing.  It was refreshing to see honest video making.

I’ve seen him drop food from his mouth and look straight at the camera and say “my bad”.  He’s dealt with dogs knocking over cameras, rolling around in mud puddles, and getting the runs.  I’ve seen him gouge his Kevlar canoe and laugh it off with a ‘should have know it would happen’ attitude.  Snags when fishing.  Nasty foot punctures twice in the same hour.  Late starts that made him have to canoe in the dark while it snows.  Making fun of his own grammar mishaps.  Dropping food in the dirt while cooking and happily devouring it anyway.  He drops bacon far to often in one of his videos, which I think is a crime here in the upper Mid-West.

The dude is just having fun and going with the flow.  I’m glad he takes his viewers along with him.

Go Check Out His YouTube Channel

There are other YouTubers I enjoy watching, but I have to admit that in particular I look forward for any new videos he posts.  My wife also enjoys watching with me, and she’s not exactly into the outdoors that much at all.  He’s pretty routine on posting every Sunday.  Occasionally he throws in a short video on Wednesdays too.

Lassie has nothing on Monty! Some would say Monty is the real star of Matthew Posa Adventures on YouTube.
Lassie has nothing on Monty! Some would say Monty is the real star of Matthew Posa Adventures on YouTube.

Looking for a some outdoor inspiration.  Maybe you just love dogs.  Perhaps you are like me and like to watch people do hobbies that interest you when you can’t be out doing them for yourself.

Either way, go check out Matthew Posa Adventures on YouTube.  You’ll likely be happy you did.  And while you are there take a moment to hit that subscribe button and ‘like’ any video you enjoy.  It takes little effort and helps encourage any YouTuber you watch to keep making free entertainment.

Little update since writing this post several months ago:  Matthew Posa’s YouTube channel has really exploded.  He’s been YouTubing steadily for a few years now and has skyrocketed the past few months to over 260k+ subscribers.  At this rate he will hit 300k+ by fall/winter 2020!

UPDATE 8/20:  Mr Matthew Posa has crossed the 300K threshold a few weeks ago! Congrats to him!

UPDATE 1/22:  As of this update his channel has attained 511k subscribers. That is an amazing accomplishment.



TD is the owner and publisher of TD All Outdoors. He has been enjoying the outdoors since since he was a child. Over the years he has spent as much time as he can solo wilderness canoe tripping, overlanding, hiking, fishing, bushcrafting, hunting, hammock camping, and more. Aside from this blog, he also own his own coffee brand,

27 thoughts on “Matthew Posa Adventures On YouTube – Worth Watching!

    1. Correct – Matthew Posa is not on Facebook or Twitter, at least not as I write this to my knowledge. He is over on Instagram and does post a few times a week. He also has an account on Patreon where he posts some private videos for his patrons.



    Well said! I love the entry of his adventure, and then suddenly a tree hit some in the face and I can’t stop laughing each time I see that but, and that’s what compelled me to keep watching him. Indeed he is very relaxing. He cracks me up, he’s really good with his dogs. He trained them really well. And most of all he’s very loving to both Rueger and Monty. I love the idea that he knows how to cook, and altogether knows how to take good care of himself and his dogs. He would make a good Father someday should he decide he wants to have a child. God bless him and everything that he does.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for reading and the comment. Mr. Posa now has his own website up and running as well as his YouTube channel.


  2. To begin with i love the time you and monty put in to your videos. But i saw a concern that was a coment you made when cooking fish, salmon and i dont know how they are in the great lakes but we almost lost are dog due to salmon. I was cleaning some salmon and she got a pice of raw salmon. When we got home day after next we notice she was not eating her food and geting very nor responsive, so took her to vet after ivs,blood draws, no help they had no answers. Finaly a vet came from alaska to do some voluntary work at vets here and he called us and said he was looking in to are dogs case, asked if we had been where she could get ahold of raw salmon and i said yes. He said i think she has SALMONELLA and we will start fixing this and hope she lives cause she was almost gone at that point. But thanks to this vet she lived and she is 13 now. But i have never hurd of SALMONELLA before so dont give your pet raw salmon cause i like monty the star and i like your videos.

    1. Hi Mark,

      Wow, that is interesting. I have never heard of Salmonella like that in fish before either…

      Thanks for the heads up on that. I for sure will look into that further for my own curiosity.


      1. He has links to most everything he uses on his Youtube page. Go to Amazon through there and gets a little $$ for the sale and costs you nothing.

          1. Unfortunately mist of the shopping items are no longer available. Nut I live that knife Matthew uses to cut onions . Tried to buy it no luck. Still live him though

  3. Some of the best (clean so your kids can watch with you) videos on the internet!!!! My wife and I love the canoe camping videos the most. All are great but the fishing is what we really enjoy.

      1. Love this show. Monty is so good. I fished and camped as a kid, so are bringing back a lot of memories for me. Keep camping.

  4. I love your videos for the same reason that everyone els does, and I love that they are LONG … Thumbs UP!

    “rest of the post was redacted and forwarded on to Matthew Posa”.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for writing that super long and awesome post! Reading it I was 100% sure you thought I was Matthew Posa. I did forward your message to Matthew and he did see it and appreciated the feedback.


  5. Where is Matt from, we live in the UP and was wondering if he is close. We camp, backpack,and have done Bwca alot with our fur baby too and love how he treats Monty.

    1. Hi Aimee,

      On his YoutTube page, if you click on his “ABOUT” tab, you can get his mailing address.
      He has a PO Box for Marquette.


      1. I picked up on his accent and correctly guessed he was from the Dakotas. Lived in Grand Forks for three years while in Medical School. Jim

  6. 1/10/20 1:16am
    I just stumbled upon you video today and feel extremely lucky for it. I normally change the tube channel for other crap but was compelled to keep watching cause of ZZ doggoiez….You guys rock at what you do! I’m addicted and don’t be mad for throwing you on my FB.

    1. Matt has a great channel, and the love he has for his pets is fantastic and nice to see and share on his adventures.


  7. My husband has been watching all your videos, I ve been watching about 60% of them with him, do you have a site we can buy your shirts from, I would love to get him a shirt for his birthday

  8. This is my favorite YouTube channel. Absolutely enjoy watching the trips. Monty is definitely the star. But Matthew father’s right behind him both of them compliment each other. And then enters Ruger such a character. All of them together make a great source of entertainment . Eagerly await every sunday’s new episode.

    1. Me too!

      Been watching Matthew for a long time. I think I subbed to him back when he was just around 1000 subs. Been a lot of fun to watch his channel grow over the years.

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