Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman

Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman
Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman

I got an email from Old Town Canoe Company a few days ago promoting their new for 2019 Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman canoe.  So what is this new canoe?  How much does it cost?  What are the specs on it?  Does it fit a particular niche?  Let’s take a look at the new Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman!

Old Town Discover 119 Solo Sportsman Early Review

I’ve not paddled one and as I write this post I have not physically seen one.  But looking at the email and the content Old Town has on their website regarding the Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman, I can easily say that it is a cross between the Old Town Guide 119 sold exclusively at Dick’s Sporting Goods, and the Old Town Next canoe/kayak hybrid sold darn near everywhere.

Really the Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman is a beefed up Guide 119, and here is why:

  • The seat it comes with is kayak style, but padded and adjustable.
  • It has rod and drink holders.
  • It has foot braces.
  • There are arm rests.
  • Accessory rack.
  • A place to hold your shotgun shells if used for waterfowl hunting.

Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman Specs

  • Weight: 54 lbs
  • Capacity:  354 lbs
  • Length:  11 feet 9 inches
  • Width:  32.5 inches
  • Bow Height:  18 inches
  • Depth:  12.5 inches
  • Material:  3 layer polyethylene
  • Bottom Shape:  Shallow arch
  • Rocker:  Moderate
  • Lifetime hull warranty
  • Price:  $899.99
Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman Details
Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman Details

When compared to my Guide 119; my Guide is 13.5 inches deep, has a 19 inch bow height, has a capacity of 500 lbs, and weighs in at 49 lbs for around $599-699.  Certainly less frills, but costs a little less too.

So as you can see very similar, but with a subtle differences.  The Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman has some added luxury built into it and costs a little more.  But would I want to buy one and in a sense ‘upgrade’ from my current canoe?

The Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman Niche

Why would a person by this over the basic Discovery 119 with no frills or the Guide 119?  I asked myself that very question.  When I first say the email flyer.  I was hoping that Old Town Canoe was finally making a Discovery model canoe out of T-Formex, which I would have likely rushed out and bought right away.  But after looking at the specs on this boat would I want to have this over my Guide model?

It’s an easy answer: Nope.

The reason is simple – the Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman would not do anything better for me than why my Guide 119 already does.  Since I enjoy canoe tripping I like that my canoe has a 500 pound capacity – I can haul more gear for week long BWCA trips.  I don’t need the deluxe chair or the rod holders – would they be nice, sure, but not necessary.

The 119 Solo Sportsman is not, in my mind at least, for solo tripping on extended week long overnights, which are things I like to do.  It certainly is a day tripper and even a weekend tripper.  I can also see it being used by solo waterfowl hunters.  Really it is a lighter version of the OT Next that can carry more personal items and offers more space.

From what I can tell reading the Old Town advertising they are pushing the Discovery 119 Solo towards the day fisherman, day tripper, and day hunter.

Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman Canoe – Wrapping It Up!

It was exciting to see a new Discovery canoe from Old Town.  To be honest it would have been really interesting if they would have announced the 119 Solo as being made in T-Formex.  I have read on more than a few canoe and paddling forums that people are interested in seeing a T-Formex canoe from the people at Old Town.

There are a few canoe manufacturers out there that are making canoes out of T-Formex.  It is the successor of Ryolex after all, and it just makes sense for Old Town to get in on it.  Doing so would likely shave ten to fifteen pounds off the Guide 119 and 119 Solo Sportsman while keeping the same durability of their 3 layer polyethylene.  People want that… I want that!

I would certainly upgrade to such a canoe.

Is the Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman for you?  Maybe it is.  If not, check out my canoe here.



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