My SealLine Boundary Pack Bag 115L – New Canoe Tripping Gear Pack

I recently purchased a SealLine Boundary Pack Bag 115L.
I recently purchased a SealLine Boundary Pack Bag 115L.

I bought a new pack to haul along on future canoe tripping adventures, and it’s a big one; SealLine Boundary Pack Bag 115L!  I have at least two canoe trips into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in 2018, and my new SealLine Boundary Pack is going to suite me just fine.

I’ve always been a big fan of Alice Packs, and I can get a lot of gear into my Large Alice Pack… but I decided I want one large waterproof pack that can haul anything I could ever want to bring along with me into the wilderness on a canoe trip.

The SealLine Boundary Pack is the bag I decided to go with for future trips.  It holds a massive amount of gear.  They come in various sizes, but the one I purchased has 115 liter capacity!

SealLine Boundary Pack Bag 115L Review

  • Name:  SealLine Boundary Pack 115L
  • Price:  Varies by color and bag size:  $89 – $130 (mine was $116)
  • Cheapest Place To BuyAmazon
  • Guarantees:  Limited, check with manufacturer
  • My Rating:  5/5

I wanted something watertight for hauling my gear around in on upcoming canoe trips.  It was also important that I could haul most everything I wanted to bring along in one pack.  SealLine makes these bags in 35L, 70L, and 115L, and opted for the 115L bag, knowing that the size would come in handy for longer trips.

The reason behind one large pack is being able to single portage carry; carry my pack and the ultralight canoe (that I usually rent) in a single trip across a portage between two lakes.  It saves time.  Sure, it can be harder work carrying a heavy load, but again… it saves time.  Especially on larger portages half mile or longer.

What I Like About My SealLine Boundary Pack Bag 115L

First and foremost I like that this bag is simple to use.  There is not much to it.  It’s primary use in my opinion is for canoe tripping.  This pack is not for long hiking trips.  It is completely utilitarian.  You pack your gear in it, roll down and secure the waterproof top, get it on your back and and cinch down the straps, and start portaging.

There are no outside pockets, and there isn’t meant to be.  This this is a tank that you strap on your back full of all your gear for camping.  It keeps your kit dry and it floats.  Instead of carrying around a couple packs for long canoe trips, I now can put everything into one pack.

  • I like that it holds all my gear for camping, my food, and my personal items.
  • It is watertight, with roll top closures that cinch down on the side of the pack.
  • It floats.  If I take a spill in my canoe all my gear is on bag and floats.
  • The body is 19oz scrim reinforced vinyl.  Not at all wimpy.
  • The pack bottom is 30oz scrim reinforced vinyl.  Extra tough where you need it.
  • If I don’t need to use all 115L of space, it has side straps that cinch down to compress to the load I am carrying.
  • Because I can carry all my camping gear in one bag, I can now single portage carry much easier.

I don’t just toss my gear into this things without some planning.  In order to stay well organized using a pack like this, I like to use smaller dry bags to hold items that are similar.  As an example I will put all my food items in one smaller dry bag, I will put my tent or hammock sleep system in one dry bag, and all my personal items in another dry bag.

Everything packs easily into the SealLine Boundary Pack 115L.  When I get to camp, I just pull out the dry sack I need first, which is usually the one that contains my sleep system and tarps.

What I Don’t Like About The SealLine Boundary Pack

The thing I don’t like about this bag is actually not a a fault of the bag… it’s a fault of the owner… me.  Because this bag is 115 liters it can hold a lot of stuff.  I’m used to getting by with a Large Alice Pack on long trips which is around 62 liters, and possibly a separate bag for food of 10 liters.

Now I have space up to 115 liters!  When I am packing the SealLine Boundary Pack 115L, I have space left over and I tend to want to fill it.  That means adding more gear and weight, and that’s not a good thing.

I need to remind myself that I have the space to haul more things, but I don’t need to haul more things just because I now have the space.

My first two dry pack runs I tested with this bag filled it up about three quarters of the way with no loose items left over.  Then I started to see what else I could bring along… you know, creature comfort items of luxury!  Bad idea.  Take what you need, leave the rest behind.

SealLine makes a 70L pack, and maybe I should I have purchased that one.  But the 115L model was just to good to pass up.  If I ever do a seven to ten day wilderness canoe trip, I know I have the space needed for another change of clothes, and some extra food.

SealLine Boundary Pack Bag 115L – Conclusion

My Alice Packs will always be my go to bags for hiking, bushcrafting, and general hunting and camping.  But when I head into the wilderness canoe adventure like the two I have planned in the BWCA for 2018, I will reaching for my SealLine Boundary Pack Bag 115L.

That pack allows me to carry all my items in one waterproof pack.  It’s durable and can handle the workload of canoe tripping.  And I can get away with doing single carry portages with ease, where before it could be a struggle with more than one pack.

I got the idea for buying this bag from watching a YouTuber; Joe Robinet.

If you are looking to buy a durable canoe tripping pack and don’t want to spend hundreds on the a Duluth Pack, check out the durable and affordable SealLine Boundary Pack Bag 115L.  It comes in 35 liter and 70 liters as well.

You can learn more about them and buy one for a great online price here at Amazon.



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