Seven Hour Plane Crash Trail | Overland Trip Planning

Seven Hour Plane Crash Trail | Overland Trip Planning

I’m planning a trip for the Seven Hour Plane Crash Trail!  Okay, you may be wondering what in the heck that is.  It’s an ‘overlanding’ trail that starts in Wisconsin and goes up into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

This time last year I started watching a YouTube channel called Venture 4WD (Venture Forward) and was captivated by overland camping and exploring.  I wanted to give it a try and this past year I did just that.  Simply put I loved it.  So this next year I plan to do more overlanding, and plan to travel the Seven Hour Plane Crash Trail.

The Seven Hour Plane Crash Trail

The Seven Hour Plan Crash Trail, starting at the south end just west of Crandon, Wisconsin.  It meanders and winds its way up into the Michigan Upper Peninsula and ends near Keweena Point.  The trail itself is roughly 269 miles long.  It travels through forest roads, two tracks, rocky trails, and there is the potential for water and mud crossing.

The trail is slow going in areas and most people take their time and complete it in 2-3 days.  While driving along The Seven Hour Plane Crash Trail you will pass through the Chequamegon-Nicolet and Ottawa National Forests.

Don’t worry about gas and places to camp, there are plenty of locations to see to your needs.

Wait… you may be asking how I know all this if I have never been on The Seven Hour Plane Crash Trail before…?  Research!

Plus, I downloaded the GPX and loaded it on my GAIA GPS account.  Screen shot of the map/route below:

Seven hour plan crash Gaia Map

Best Vehicle For The Seven Hour Plan Crash Trail

No secret that my little Jeep Renegade Trailhawk is a leased vehicle.  Aside from the A/T tires I put on a few months ago the vehicle is stock.  With all that said I know my vehicles limitations; I will not be doing any technical rock climbing routes nor do I really want to.  But deep forest two-tracks, mud ruts within reason, shallow water crossings, logging roads – not a problem.

My Jeep Renegade Trailhawk.
My Jeep Renegade Trailhawk.

Surprisingly my Renegade Trailhawk with those A/Ts I put on and the various 4 wheel drive traction settings it has makes it a capable little ‘tank’ in some regards.

I know through research that it will have absolutely no issues traveling the outlined Seven Hour Plane Crash Trail.  It has been mentioned that any stock 4 wheel drive truck or SUV should be able to handle the trail.

Looking for more online information about The Seven Hour Plane Crash Trail?  Check out this link to Overland Bound Forum page that talks about the route by clicking HERE.

You can also download the trail link within the Overland Bound Forum linked above.

My Seven Hour Plane Crash Trail Trip Planning

Most people who drive the trail will do so spending two nights on the trail.  The first night somewhere along the trail, and the second night at the end of the Seven hour Plan Crash Trail.

I am going to allow myself five to six days for my trip.  As I do plan on running the trail, I also plan on spending a few nights on the way back home exploring sections of the Porcupine Mountains west of Silver City, Michigan, as well as areas of the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest west of Mellen, Wisconsin.

I don’t want to rush my trip and desire to take my time exploring the sights and doing some outdoor photography for my other website, TD Bauer Photography.

I don’t have a set date yet for this overland trip, but am eyeing sometimes in June… when the bugs will be at their most nasty…

More updates as things progress.


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