The Overweight Outdoorsman Needs New Clothes!

Duluth Trading Company's Dry On The Fly Outdoor Vest - I own this!
Duluth Trading Company’s Dry On The Fly Outdoor Vest – I own this!

Just like the post’s title states, I need to get some new clothes.  I have not weighed myself in a couple weeks but the weight is still slowly coming off, I can tell.  People have been commenting to such which is nice to hear.  Some of the comments have been that I need to get some clothes that fit better.

My wife in particular has been giving me some grief about my loose clothes looking odd on me.

This coming Friday after work I plan to spend the evening going through my closet and dresser setting aside clothes that are just way to big and loose.

I Am Not Going To Put Weight Back On!!

I’ve told a few people of my plans to go through my clothes and get rid of the stuff that is too large.  I’ll give it all to local charity groups that collect that sort of stuff.

Some people I know who shall remain nameless are telling me to keep the clothes in case I revert back to being heavier again.  HAH!  NEVER!  That’s not going to happen!

I am 100% confident I will keep loosing weight and not gain it back.  And by the way, to you people telling me to keep my big guy clothes… come on?!  Have some confidence in me.  Am I right, Internet?  Damn right…

I’m feeling better than I have in years.  I’m getting outside and enjoying the Great Outdoors more often and love it – I don’t want to give that up.  Need to keep moving forward.

My wife works at Duluth Trading Company and get’s come nice household/family discounts on purchases.  I’ve already aquired some nice Duluth clothes, and plan to buy more as the weight keeps coming off.



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