Muzzle-loader Hunting This Weekend!

It has been a pretty good deer season so far.  I mentored my nephew Ryan a few weeks ago on the opener of the Wisconsin Rifle Deer Season.  First day around 11:30 he got his first deer, a nice sized doe.  After a little discussion with my sister, Ryan’s mother, it was decided we would split the deer processing.

So happy me, I have half a deer in my freezer.  Venison is so very delicious.  One of the best, of not the best, meat you can eat.  Very lean, healthy.

Muzzle-loader Weekend In Wisconsin

This weekend, December 6th, 7th, and 8th, is the last few days of the muzzle-loader only season in Wisconsin.  It can be a tough hunt.  After the high pressure the deer have had the past couple weeks during the regular gun season (when Wisconsin sees the most hunters in the woods), the deer tend to lay lower then usual.  That means less movement during the day.

In order to find the deer it is usually best to try and ‘still hunt’.  Still hunting is not easy and requires some skill; tracking being a must.  I wrote about still hunting in the past here.

Hopefully I will be able to put another deer in the freezer this weekend.



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