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Muzzle-loader Hunting This Weekend!

It has been a pretty good deer season so far.  I mentored my nephew Ryan a few weeks ago on the opener of the Wisconsin Rifle Deer Season.  First day around 11:30 he got his first deer, a nice sized doe.  After a little discussion with my sister, Ryan’s mother, it was decided we would split the deer processing. CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

Autumn & Winter Hunting – 2019 Into 2020

This coming weekend I am going to the cabin!  Yep, I have not been spending much time up there, not nearly as much as I would like to.  But this weekend, and again for a long weekend at the end of the month, I will be in NW Wisconsin at the off grid cabin.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year again in Wisconsin.  The Deer Rifle Season is fast approaching! CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

A Quiet Deer Hunting Season

I haven’t been posting much the past month.  Between spending time up north at the cabin deer hunting, coming down with a nasty cold, and family stuff – I have been pretty busy.

While I am looking forward to a nice winter I admit my mind is more on Spring 2019. CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

Outdoor YouTube Channels Worth Watching

Outdoor YouTube Channels Worth Watching

Outdoor YouTube Channels Worth Watching

When I can’t get outside in the woods, up to my cabin, or just outside in general to enjoy nature, I like to sometimes watch YouTube.  There are a lot of great YouTubers out there that are into the same stuff I am.

So in this quick short post I want to share some of the YouTube channels I watch when I’m stuck at home. CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

Muzzleloader Hunting For Whitetail Deer – Still Hunting!

Muzzleloader hunting for whitetail deer.

Muzzleloader hunting for whitetail deer.

Several years ago I started muzzleloader hunting for whitetail deer in Wisconsin.  Wisconsin has an archery season, a nine day regular gun season, and a muzzleloader only season.  The muzzleloader only season is seven days long and follows the nine day regular gun season.

I found that the muzzleloader only season is a great time to be out in the woods.  For me it’s about two things; being out in nature, and not having to share the woods with a lot of other hunters.  The muzzleloader season hardly sees anyone in the woods, and I like that.

It was thirty years ago in my early to mid teens that my father got interested in traditional muzzleloaders.  He bought a Thompson Center kit gun, and we would both go to the range to shoot our ‘smoke poles’.  It was a lot of fun.  However, for deer hunting I use a modern inline muzzleloader, and I’ll go into that further below. CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

2017 Polk County Wisconsin Regular Firearm Season

Deer Camp - a speech is given before the opening feast.

Deer Camp – a speech is given before the opening feast.

First off, I hope everybody had a good Thanksgiving.  The past couple weeks have been busy.  My family has a great tradition of coming together at deer camp in Polk County Wisconsin, where many of us own a hunting lodge together.  This year was no different, with over thirty members of the family showing up on the opening day.

All family members are welcome, hunters and non hunters, as we have a massive feast the evening on the first night of the season.  A cousin of mine who owns his own restaurant, and who is a fantastic chef, prepares a feast that feeds the entire family.  Prime rib, roasted turkey, clam chowder, stuffing, potatoes… yeah, you get the idea. CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE


Are You A Felon – Felons, Black Powder Firearms, And Wisconsin

Can felons own and use modern black powder guns in Wisconsin?

Can felons own and use modern black powder guns in Wisconsin?

On November 17th this year (2018) the Wisconsin gun deer opener starts.  The regular gun season lasts for nine full days.  I did manage to get myself a deer a few weeks ago bow hunting, but still plan to go to deer camp and hunt the opener weekend.

I’m probably not going to hunt the regular gun season to hard.  I like being up at deer camp, but I like the woods a little more quiet.  The regular nine day gun season in Wisconsin sees lots of hunters in the woods.  Since I hunt public land things can feel a bit crowded.

The black powder gun season starts the day after the regular gun season ends, CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

Wisconsin Crossbow Hunt 2017 – Success In The Woods!

Wisconsin Crossbow Hunt 2017

Wisconsin Crossbow Hunt 2017 – A picture of my pop up blind in the woods, October 28th 2017.

I am home early from my week of vacation I had planned on taking to crossbow hunt October 27th through November 5th.  My Wisconsin crossbow hunt for 2017 was a successful one!  I decided to save a couple days off by coming home early and going to back to work.  I’ll use those days off for the Wisconsin Black Powder Deer Season.

I’ll talk more about the black powder only season later in a future post.  Right now I am going to lay out the adventures of my successful crossbow hunt.

It went remarkably well, even though it didn’t seem to start out well.  I guess looking back I can’t complain… I’ll never forget this season. CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE