Spring Trip Plans Are Cancelled – Thanks Covid 19!

My overland trip I had planned for the third week in May is not happening.  The plan was to hit some remote areas in the Arrowhead of Minnesota, east of the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area, and stay at remote designated campsites.  However, the State of Minnesota is not opening campsites until the 18th of May… and then only maybe.

I can’t reply on ‘maybe’ and can’t plan for ‘maybe’.

It’s okay.  I have a solid backup plan.

New Spring Vacation Plans Because Covid 19 Messed Things Up!

I was thinking about doing a solo BWCA trip instead of the overland trip, but that is hard to plan for as well, because the Forest Service has followed Minnesota and pushed out camping and permit dates until May 18th… with a maybe that they will kick in on the date.

Since I can’t rely on that either I am just going to stay in Wisconsin and go the my cabin.

Yep, the plan now is to just stay at my cabin in Northwest Wisconsin.

There are plenty of small flowages, lakes, streams and woods in the area of my cabin.  The woods I am familiar with, but some of the flowages I am not.  I intent to change that this year.

My Old Town Guide 119 is going to see some usage in the many smaller lakes and flowages within forty miles of the cabin property.  To make things even more interesting I am not going to stay inside the cabin… I will camp outside in my ‘big-ass car camping overland tent’ I bought last year on a cot.

There are also some hiking trails in the are that I have never spent much time on that I plan to check out too.





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