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September BWCA Entry Point Homer Lake

Sorry for the slow entry on my early September BWCA trip.  I had every intention of jumping into making a post as soon as I returned from my vacation, but life in the real world got in the way.  It has been a very busy Summer and Autumn is much the same.  Between family events and starting a side business things have been incredibly busy.

Weather on this trip was excellent!  Daytime highs in the mid 60s with most days being partly sunny.  Evenings got down into mid 40s.  Wind was heavy off and on, but nothing that my Old Town Guide 119 couldn’t handle.

Without further ado, let me share some images and info on my trip! CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

BWCA In September

My plans for going into the Quetico fell through.  A week ago I realized my passport expired!  Sure, I could always get an RABC permit and head into the Quetico through the BWCA, but…. nope.  I am just going to spend my time in the BWCA in an area where I have not been to before. CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

May BWCA Canoe Trip 2019

Old Town Guide 119 in the BWCA, Alder Lake.

Old Town Guide 119 in the BWCA, Alder Lake.

What can I say, I had a really good time on my May Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness trip.  The weather was all over the place with cold, wind, sun, clouds, sleet, and rain.  As such the fishing was not so great but my buddy and I managed to fend for ourselves and catch some to eat.

I took some pictures and even managed to video record like my family wanted me to do.  On top of that I made a little video and posted it to YouTubeThe video is shared further below. CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

May Boundary Waters Canoe Area Trip

Alder Lake BWCA

It’s no secret if you follow this blog that I have a Boundary Waters Canoe Area trip coming up in in less than two weeks.  I am really starting to get excited for the trip.  It will be epic!  Ice is about 90 percent gone from the lakes I plan on paddling, and should be completely gone in a few more days.

Lake trout fishing should be good.  The bugs should be near nil, or very minimal.  Day time temps are seasonally expected to be in the mid to upper 60s during the day.  In the evening down into the 40s.  Last year during this same time temps were in the mid to upper 70s for highs. CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE