Overweight Outdoorsman – Name Change Coming?

Overweight Outdoorsman – Name Change Coming?

Another little update on my status as an Overweight Outdoorsman.  Not sure how long I should be referring to myself with that name.  I weighed myself this morning and I am down to 235 pounds.

My target weight for my height (pushing six foot 2 inches) and bone structure, from what I have been told, is 233 pounds… which seems still high to me.  Back in my Merchant Marine days I recall weighing in at 200 pounds, but I was leaner and had more muscle back them.

I’ve trimmed down pretty good and still want to drop another 15 pounds.  There is a nice ring of blubber around my midsection that I know can be shed off but it is taking a long time to burn that area away.  That and my neck/chin area is gonna be problematic.  Double-chin Outdoorman?  Does that have a ring to it, or what!?

Double-Chin Outdoorsman!

So maybe I change the name of these posts to Double-Chin Outdoorsman?  Hmm, I will have to think about that.  Either way I am doing well on the Keto diet I started a few months back.

My intent was to be down to 230 pounds by the time I go on my May BWCA trip, and that is certainly going to happen.  I don’t leave for another few weeks and am confident I will meet that goal.  On average I am loosing about 1 pound per week, but over the next few weeks I have a lot going on, lots of potential days for serious cardio.  That will help bump my weekly loss up a pound or two.

Getting Myself Ready

At my heaviest I was over 330 pounds.  I started my dieting in late December of 2017.  It needed to be done.  I didn’t want to die early and miss out on family and the granddaughters.  I’m currently 45 years old, and I was headed for bad health if I kept on the way I was, if not an early death.

Now I’m down nearly 100 pounds and feeling great… feeling dangerous again.  I’m back outdoors doing what I love to do and not feeling sluggish like I had before.  I feel like I used to ten plus years ago before starting to put on all the weight.

I’m ready… ready for the outdoors season ahead.  I have three larger trips planned for this coming year, and there will be dozens of smaller outings, if not more.

It’s going to be a great year!

Keto Dehydrated Meals

Keto has been very good to me.  I actually enjoy being on the Keto low carb diet, and so does my stomach and colon.  I’ve mentioned before in other posts I have Diverticulitis, and since being on a Keto diet I have had ZERO issues with that annoying colon issue.

I am planning on staying on a low carb diet moving forward.  Once I get down to my happy weight, I may kick up the daily carbs a bit to maintain, but will by and large likely stay on a Keto themed diet.

And with that I want to create some of my own tasty Dehydrated Keto Meals.  Ones I can make myself at home in my soon to be purchased dehydrator.  There are a few companies out there that make some fantastic dehydrated Keto meals, but they are very expensive.

In the near future I suspect I will be sharing some Keto recipes here on the blog that can be dehydrated and packed along on camping, hiking, and canoe trips.


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