Overweight Outdoorsman – Name Change Coming?

Another little update on my status as an Overweight Outdoorsman.  Not sure how long I should be referring to myself with that name.  I weighed myself this morning and I am down to 235 pounds.

My target weight for my height (pushing six foot 2 inches) and bone structure, from what I have been told, is 233 pounds… which seems still high to me.  Back in my Merchant Marine days I recall weighing in at 200 pounds, but I was leaner and had more muscle back them.

I’ve trimmed down pretty good and still want to drop another 15 pounds.  There is a nice ring of blubber around my midsection that I know can be shed off but it is taking a long time to burn that area away.  That and my neck/chin area is gonna be problematic.  Double-chin Outdoorman?  Does that have a ring to it, or what!?

Double-Chin Outdoorsman!

So maybe I change the name of these posts to Double-Chin Outdoorsman?  Hmm, I will have to think about that.  Either way I am doing well on the Keto diet I started a few months back.

My intent was to be down to 230 pounds by the time I go on my May BWCA trip, and that is certainly going to happen.  I don’t leave for another few weeks and am confident I will meet that goal.  On average I am loosing about 1 pound per week, but over the next few weeks I have a lot going on, lots of potential days for serious cardio.  That will help bump my weekly loss up a pound or two.

Getting Myself Ready

At my heaviest I was over 330 pounds.  I started my dieting in late December of 2017.  It needed to be done.  I didn’t want to die early and miss out on family and the granddaughters.  I’m currently 45 years old, and I was headed for bad health if I kept on the way I was, if not an early death.

Now I’m down nearly 100 pounds and feeling great… feeling dangerous again.  I’m back outdoors doing what I love to do and not feeling sluggish like I had before.  I feel like I used to ten plus years ago before starting to put on all the weight.

I’m ready… ready for the outdoors season ahead.  I have three larger trips planned for this coming year, and there will be dozens of smaller outings, if not more.

It’s going to be a great year!

Keto Dehydrated Meals

Keto has been very good to me.  I actually enjoy being on the Keto low carb diet, and so does my stomach and colon.  I’ve mentioned before in other posts I have Diverticulitis, and since being on a Keto diet I have had ZERO issues with that annoying colon issue.

I am planning on staying on a low carb diet moving forward.  Once I get down to my happy weight, I may kick up the daily carbs a bit to maintain, but will by and large likely stay on a Keto themed diet.

And with that I want to create some of my own tasty Dehydrated Keto Meals.  Ones I can make myself at home in my soon to be purchased dehydrator.  There are a few companies out there that make some fantastic dehydrated Keto meals, but they are very expensive.

In the near future I suspect I will be sharing some Keto recipes here on the blog that can be dehydrated and packed along on camping, hiking, and canoe trips.



TD is the owner and publisher of TD All Outdoors. He has been enjoying the outdoors since since he was a child. Over the years he has spent as much time as he can solo wilderness canoe tripping, overlanding, hiking, fishing, bushcrafting, hunting, hammock camping, and more. Aside from this blog, he also own his own coffee brand, www.folklore-coffee.com.

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