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I Don’t Want To Make Videos Of My Outings!

Akaso Brave 6 Action Camera

Akaso Brave 6 Action Camera

I am being asked once again by certain members of my family to take along an action camera and record my outings.  In particular my canoe trips.  Last spring on my first solo Boundary Waters Canoe Trip in more than ten years I did bring a small action camera with me – and was miserably annoyed by the entire process.  To be honest it was not at all fun.  Trying to record video is, in my opinion, tedious.

Setting up the camera, aligning it just right for a certain shot.  Worrying about sound, light, wind, if I’m in frame… it took a tole on me in a single day.  By day 2 of my trip I hardly touched that action camera.  Instead I took pictures with my phone’s camera. CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

A Slow Start To The New Year

Sorry I have not been posting much the past month or more.  The Holiday Season can be a busy time, and it has now finally come to an end for me and my wife.  We had our last party that we had to attend this past Saturday on the 5th.  Now things will start to settle back down. CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

Overweight Outdoorsman & Site Update

Wow, I have been so busy this October it’s almost laughable.  In fact it all started getting crazy busy around mid September, and it does not appear that things will lighten up for me anytime soon.

My wife taking pictures of leaves in Waupaca, Wisconsin... at her mother's house.

My wife taking pictures of leaves in Waupaca, Wisconsin… at her mother’s house.

I have not been posting here on this site as much as I would like to, and should be doing.  In fact, I have a handful of posts I started and have yet to finish on a variety of subjects; canoe tripping, my last BWCA trip, my future canoe tripping trips, small game hunting, bow hunting, camping, day hiking…etc…  You get the idea. CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

A Brisk Morning – Autumn Is Coming!

Autumn, the best season ever!!!

Autumn, the best season ever!!!

I woke up today around 5AM and headed downstairs leaving my wife snoring soundly on our supper comfy memory foam mattress.  Our dog Asgard followed me, as he usually does, eager to go outside and pee.  Most mornings I step outside with him and take in the morning air.  Today was no exception.

This morning when I stood out on the front patio of my big three story condo end unit, I was thrilled to suck in some cool oxygen and breath it out seeing the moisture from my exhaling dissipate in the air.  It was 48 degrees Fahrenheit outside.  I love cool mornings just like this one.

When this happens in early September it tells me Autumn is coming.  I’ve mentioned it before on this website Autumn is my favorite time of year.   CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

Recording Digital Video Outdoors Is Hard!

My ‘frustrated face’. This is what must have been on my mug when I was trying to record video of my trip.

Been back from my BWCA trip for a week now and have been slowly working on a trip post.  Should have it up soon.

I did shoot some video on this trip, something I have never done before.  The idea was to make a video and maybe post on on YouTube to share with the readers here as well as friends and family.  Well, recording digital video is hard! CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

Website Update – What’s Planned for 2018

Been a quiet couple of weeks.  I’ve been spending my time thoroughly going over the Spring Boundary Waters Area Canoe trip, as well as planning a couple other trips in the year as well.

This past weekend I spent some time up at the cabin.  Made a short video that I posted on my Instagram while I was there.  You can find my Instagram here:

Here are a few things on the horizon: CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

Website Update – Things To Come

Hi all – just wanted to drop a quick post about things to come here on TD ALL OUTDOORS.

Many of the past few posts have been centered towards hunting.  The reason for that is the time of year – here in Wisconsin deer hunting is in full swing; archery, regular firearms, and black powder.  I hunt all three seasons, so my posts have been mostly about that. CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE